Moving can be such an adventure, an exciting one, but also a terrifying one. Just imagine packing everything you own in your home and moving all those things across the city. Even if your next location is close, it doesn’t change the fact that you need good organization and a well-played team of people to carry out the process of moving. Many tend to think that moving locally is much easier. It is true to some extent, but it is still a huge process and there are quite a number of tips and tricks that can help you make this a less stressful process. Professional Movers in Atlanta GA who have moved thousands of families will give you the most important tips for a successful relocation!

1. Choose the moving company which suits your needs best

If you go to the Internet and type in ‘local movers near me’ or ‘local moving companies’, you will get hundreds of hits, without a doubt. Moving is more than just packing your things and bringing them from point A to point B. You need movers that are reliable and professional. You can carefully pack your belongings, but if you hire a moving company that doesn’t care about your stuff, all your work is for nothing. Choosing the right company will help you think only about settling into your new place and happily beginning a new chapter in your life!

2. Plan your move early

Once you have chosen the movers you want to hire, it is time to set the date! Call the company and check the next available dates and see if some of them suit you. The sooner you call – the better the chance you will choose the perfect date. Also, keep an eye on the weather prognosis, rain or snow can slow down your move and ruin your schedule.

3. Time to start packing

Here comes the most tedious part of your move – packing. Develop a plan before starting. Choose the first room to start from, or a group of items. Will you start with your living room or perhaps clothes? The decision is yours. Good organization will make your life easier. Everything will go smoother if planned correctly.

4. Declutter

The best time for decluttering is moving time. You probably don’t go through all your stuff on a weekly or even monthly basis. Let’s be honest, some people never do it. Having in mind that you simply must pack everything, you will find things you didn’t even know you had. Perfect time to get rid of things you don’t use. If you haven’t reached for a certain item in more than 2 months – it’s time to pass it on. It is also connected with our next tip – the moving supplies.

5. Determine the amount of moving supplies

Packing material is very important, and you should make sure to buy some quality boxes for your upcoming move. Most people tend to underestimate the number of things that need to be packed. Make sure you calculate the number of boxes and bags you will need for your move. If on the morning of your moving day you realize you don’t have enough supplies, it just might be a problem. On the other hand, you shouldn’t spend more money than necessary. There is, of course, the option of hiring us to handle your packing, which will definitely decrease the time you need to spend on your relocation.

6. Write, write, write

The key to good organization is writing! Keep a schedule on everything. Write down a checklist of all the phases of your move and go through them step by step. Writing off an item on your checklist will not only be satisfactory, but also very useful. Label every box you have packed. Your move doesn’t end with packing, it just begins. Labelled boxes will be much easier to unpack in your new space.

7. Do not pack essential items

Prepare a bag with essential items you will need on your first night in a new home. No matter how well you organize your boxes, the first couple of days settling in your new home will be a bit chaotic. Keeping a bag with your most used personal things will make those first days a bit less stressful.

8. Take care of your children/pets

If you have children or pets, ask your neighbors, family or friends to take care of them on the moving day. Moving can be dangerous for pets and children if they are running around. Not to mention it would definitely slow the movers down.

9. Make a plan of your new space

Before your furniture movers start unloading the truck, it is best you hand them a plan of your new space. Label each piece of furniture/box with the name of the room it should be put into. In that way you can have the movers place everything exactly where you want it to be.

10. One last walk through

Once everything is packed and loaded, slide through all your rooms just in case you have forgotten something. If you’re leaving some furniture, check all the drawers and shelves.

If you have gone through our tips and check them off of your list, you’re bound to have a smooth relocation! You can just sit, relax and wait for your moving day to come!