If you search for movers near me or furniture movers near me on Google you will definitely get a lot of results. One of the first steps in organising your move is choosing the right company to assist you. If you opt for us, we will offer you a full service with no hidden fees! You can call our 24/7 available customer support center and get a free moving quote. We will estimate how many movers, trucks and hours will be necessary for your complete move. At the end, you won’t be surprised by the cost and your money will be worth it.

After choosing the moving company, there comes the packing. Almost everyone’s worst nightmare. Just think about all the things you own and need to sort out, pack into boxes or protective materials, move into a truck and then unpack at your desired destination. We know, it sounds horrible. But it doesn’t have to be. We offer you professional packers who care about your things as much as you do. Those are not just objects, but have a sentimental value at least. If you have personally picked every piece in your home, we know how much it means to you and will take care of it as if it was our own. Just label the boxes and they will be put into their designated place in your new home. Therefore, the process of settling in will be much easier and faster.

Our packers will come to the job at the agreed time. We have all the equipment required for an easy relocation – protective materials, moving dollies, boxes and clean trucks. Our packers are well experienced in their job and thus all of your belongings will be safely packed for the move. We can also secure your delicate items such as bottles, mirrors, glass objects etc. When it comes to big furniture items, we’ve got it! Some of your furniture items simply cannot be moved whole. If you don’t have time because of your work or children, or you just don’t want to tackle the process of disassembling the furniture, we will happily do it for you. Each peace will be disassembled into pieces, packed meticulously and transported to your new location. We also offer assembling in your new home. There is no obstacle our packers can’t overcome. If you don’t trust us on our word, book us and see it for yourself.

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