Our company offers a full service with no hidden fees! Moving is a tedious process, but with our assistance it doesn’t have to be. Deciding to move and change your entire life is a stressful situation in itself. It can trigger anxiety according to some studies. We are well aware of the fact and our professional customer support agents will firstly reassure you. Call us anytime on any day and we will be there for you. Our agents will provide you with the estimated cost and set all options before you. You just have to inform us about your requests, your preferred date for the moving and we will plan your move for you. A well tailored plan is half of the job done. We always follow the plan strictly and try to minimize the surprising factors.

Our packers always arrive on time and are instantly ready to start packing your belongings. We provide all the supplies necessary for packing and moving. Trucks are very well maintained and cleaned on a daily basis. Leave the hard part to professionals. Packing your entire house must be done meticulously in order to minimize the time needed for your relocation but to increase the effectiveness on the other hand. Without moving dollies we have, loading up big pieces of your furniture would be almost impossible. That is why professional help is necessary.

If you think renting a truck or using your own and packing up the things for your move will be easy, you’re wrong. Loading up the packed things into a truck is not a simple task. You need to know what to load up first and which boxes can be put on top of something. We take care that all of the things loaded up in a truck will not be damaged on the way to your new location.

In case you have any questions, we are proud to say that our customer support service is excellent! Our agents are on call 7 days in a week for 24 hours, so that you can call us anytime during the day! They have all the information you need to know. What’s more, they will be free to give you advice or even propose an option you didn’t even think of. We are the experienced ones and we use that experience to make your life easier as well. Of course, you can always stick to your first plan. We tailor our moving service to you and your needs only. Whatever you say will be taken into consideration and included into your moving plan. A good moving plan means an easy and stress-free relocation process. And that is the only thing you can wish for on your moving day!

When in doubt, call Atlanta GA Moving and we will explain to you why it is best to book packers and movers for your upcoming moving day.