When the time comes to change your place and move to a new home, you will have a lot of decisions to make. The question will no longer be to move or not to move, but how to move successfully? Movers in Atlanta GA can help you make this transition in life as smooth as possible. All you have to do is call us and we will do the rest!

The next question that arises is to pack by yourself or hire packers and movers at the same time? You need to decide whether you will pack by yourself or with the help of a professional team that will fulfil all your needs and requirements. Both options are fine, you only need to choose what works best for you.

Pros and Cons of self-packing

When you pack your belongings you will, no doubt, have lower costs. It is the cheapest option when it comes to moving. You don’t charge yourself, nor your friends and family who can help you out. Also, you can find moving boxes for free from your local stores or use various containers you already own and use. For example, the dirty laundry bin can be used to pack up some clothes or your underwear. If you saved some of the boxes your TV or dishwasher was delivered in, they can come in handy in these moments. You can also receive supplies from your friends and family. On the other hand, some of those boxes may not be completely clean or undamaged. You don’t want your boxes fully packed breaking in the middle of your move and all of your stuff across the street. Professional movers will not only bring boxes, but other supplies for securing some of your most delicate and fragile belongings.

Another pro of self-packing is perfect timing. You don’t depend on anyone’s schedule but your own. Packing at your own pace and time of the day will not only reduce stress, but also make you more efficient. You can start by packing the things you don’t need first and leave the most used ones for the end. You can start packing anytime during the day and also make a pause if something comes up. Needless to say, you will do it with most care simply because you own those things and value them more than someone else. On the other hand, doing it yourself is time consuming. If you are a busy working mom/dad with kids or pets at the side, the best thing might be to leave everything to professionals and focus on settling in your new home. Moving can be overwhelming if you handle everything by yourself, so let us do our job.

After everything is packed, the moving can start. Most full-service moving companies in Atlanta GA, such as ours, can offer some form of damage coverage. This only applies if we have packed your belongings. In that case we are responsible for them as well. If you self-pack, we won’t be held responsible for the safety of your belongings during the move. If you own a significant number of delicate things, it might be best to choose the option of professional packing – just for your peace of mind.

When it comes to big pieces of furniture, are you sure you can disassemble them properly? We in Atlanta GA Moving are specialized furniture movers, especially when it comes to large items such as beds and closets. You might be able to disassemble a piece of furniture, but everything needs to be safely packed with all the details if you want your bed to be whole again in your new home.

Having considered all the above mentioned facts, both options will work for many people. It’s just a matter of preferences which one you will choose. If you have enough time and patience to pack by yourself, we will be more than happy to pick up your belongings and transport you to your new address! Check out our labor moving services to find out more. If on the other hand, you can’t handle all the stress from moving and pack by yourself on top of all, just call us and before you know it, you will be all settled in your new home without lifting a finger!