About us

Our founder started working in a moving company in high school days as a part time job. What was once a hobby then turned into a full-time job. After years of experience and working in the moving industry, he decided to venture and start his own business. That was 10 years ago. Now, we are one of the most reputable moving companies in Atlanta GA.

In 2010 we started with only one truck and a few people – a small team but very well played one. We must point out that all of our early workers are still a part of our company. We are more like a family now. All of the workers who joined our company afterwards were picked meticulously in order to fit the team and fulfill our standards.

Even though many people underestimate the complexity of moving, we take it very seriously. Relocation is relocation, no matter how many miles we need to cross. We take business very seriously.

You bought a new house but don’t want to stress over packing and moving? Call us! We offer movers with trucks who can make your moving day go smooth and without anxiety. We are equipped to carry out any type of move, regardless of the amount of things you possess and need to relocate. Whether it’s an apartment, dorm or business office – we’ve got it covered. Our full-service which includes packing, hourly rates, basic insurance and professional and experienced movers to handle everything is the right choice for you.

For more information about us explore our website, or if you are in Atlanta just search “Movers and Packers Atlanta GA” and we will definitely be one of the first results!

Why choose us?


We respect your timeframe

In Atlanta GA Moving, workers respect your schedule. If we determine a certain time frame with moving details, the schedule will be followed closely. Time is money and we are the company which will take out the stress from your relocation process and make it a pleasant experience. We will arrive on time, and perfectly adjust to some unexpected last minute changes.

We do it all

Relocating is a painful process and it may affect your business life. You may take some days off, or move during the weekends or holidays. We aim to decrease your time spent on your move and thus affect your business as little as possible. We can accept any special requests you can have, from certain ways of labelling, to taking special care while packing some of the most fragile belongings you own.

We have reputation

Our referral rate is one of the highest in Atlanta GA. The best advertisement for any company is a happy and satisfied customer. Over the years, Atlanta GA Moving acquired the title of one of the most reputable moving companies in our area. Feel free to Google us and read all the referrals.

We are affordable

We charge on an hourly basis with absolutely no hidden fees. The estimated cost will be the real cost in the end without any surprises. Our prices will surely fit into your moving budget. If you choose us for moving help in Atlanta GA, it will be worth your money!

We take care of your belongings

Moving furniture and large items can be tricky because it requires disassembling them. However, our movers have long experience and your belongings are safe with us! We offer disassembly, careful packing and assembly at your new place. Basic coverage insurance is included in our service, so even if some of your belongings get damaged during the move, you have it covered!

 We provide 24/7 support

Our customer support agents are available seven days in the week and will be more than happy to resolve all of your doubts or concerns. There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. Don’t hesitate to call us, because we can provide you with an exciting, stress-free and enjoyable relocation and our agents will explain to you how the whole process works!